NSS® Maverick 300 Variable-Speed Floor Machine - 20", w/Pad Driver

NSS® Maverick 300 Variable-Speed Floor Machine - 20", w/Pad Driver

Item # 30200100EACH

  • For versatility in floor and carpet care, this machine sets the standard for variable speed floor machines, by dialing in the right speed it can polish, spray buff, scrub, and strip.
  • 15 amp @ 120 V., 7.5 amp @ 240 V
  • Pad speed variable: 200-310 rpm
  • Pad driver: Flexible polypropylene
  • Motor: DC rectified permanent magnet, 66 frame, 115V, 1.5 HP
  • Current: 15A at 115V; Overload protection: Circuit breaker; Wheels: 5" non-marking
  • Drive: 3-idler planetary gear, 10:1 ratio; Safety switch: Mechanical lock-out switch
  • Cord: 75', 14-3 ST Safety yellow; Dimensions: 26" L x 22" W x 49" H
20", w/Pad Driver, ea
Manufacturer #5401602

The Maverick 300 has excellent performance at speeds ranging between 200 and 310 RPM. Low speed applications, scrub and strip hard floors. High speed applications, polish and spray buff hard floors. Bonnet clean carpet. The mechanical lock-out switch prevents accidental starts.


  • Reinforced cord strain relief prevents damage to the cord.
  • Sturdy " tube handle is-gage chrome plated steel to resist corrosion.
  • Built-in cord warp hook provides easy storage for the power cord when not in use.
  • Ergonomic handle adjustment allows the operator to set the handle height for comfort and control.
  • A safety-yellow vinyl bumper surrounds the skirt to protect walls and fixtures from accidental damage.