Tank & Canister Vacuum


NaceCare™ Henry PPR200 Vacuum - 2.5 Gal., w/AST1 Kit

The design of the PPR series has lead to significant advances in energy consumption as well as overall vacuum performance. They consume 40% less energy than previous models while improving performance by 20%. This is all thanks to the 680 watt vacuum motor with a 2000+ hour life. 84% soil recovery. Tapered hose is convenient and provides improved performance. Ergonomic ratchet wand that adds up to 6" in length. Manual crank rewind for power cord storage and protection. CRI approved and LEED-EB compliant. Excellent 0.3 micron filtration at 99.97% efficiency for improved indoor air quality. Polypropylene tanks for maximum durability and mobility. Motor watts: 680W; Motor HP: 0.9 hp; Motor stages: 1. Speeds: 2 speed; Number of motors: 1. Airflow: 120 CFM; Waterlift: 100"; Power Cord: 33'.

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Minuteman® MicroVac Multi-Purpose HEPA Vacuum - 4 Gal.

Dry only, three stage filtration system includes disposable collector bag, pre-filter and HEPA filter. Quiet, powerful vacuum motor. Power: 1.25 HP; Dry capacity: .34 cu ft.; CFM: 95. Static lift: 85"; Cord: 40'; Weight: 16 lbs. Dba rating: 68; Casters: (4) 2".

Manufacturer #C82904-07
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Minuteman® 390 Tank Vacuum-55 Gal, 105" Waterlift, Painted

Tank sizes range from 4 to 55 gallons and are available in painted, stainless steel and polyethylene. Three separate vacuum motor assemblies are available with waterlifts of 85", 105", 130", so vacuum can be adapted to suit any cleaning job. All lid assemblies feature a Full-Bag indicator light which alerts the operator when the disposable bag is full or when the clothe filter bag is clogged. The 390 - 15 gal or 20 gal units can be equipped with a wide area squeegee for picking up liquids on large floor areas. The 390 Series from Minuteman offers a wide range of vacuum systems for a variety of cleaning applications.

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NaceCare™ Henry PVR200 Vacuum - 2.5 Gal. w/A6 Kit

Manual crank rewind for power cord storage and protection. Polypropylene tanks for maximum durability and mobility. Thermal overload for long term motor protection. Microtex/Permatex + HEPAFLO standard filter. Excellent 0.3 micron filtration at 99.97% efficiency. Autosave feature automatically starts the vacuum on low power. Powerful 1.6 hp vacuum motor for excellent soil recovery and longer carpet life. 3 year warranty. Motor provides 110" waterlift and 114 CFM of airflow. 2 stage; 2 speed; 33' power cord.

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NaceCare™ Paper Bags For NB200, NVR200, HVR200

10 per package.

Manufacturer #A-NVM1C
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Sanitaire® QuietClean Detail Canister Cleaner - 3.88 Qt.

For detail cleaning night or day. Premium allergen filtration and a wide assortment of accessories to clean bare floors, carpets and do detail cleaning. Dust capacity: 3.88 Qt.; Filtration: Allergen. Hose: 8' molded; Cleaning path: 11"; Air watts: 100. CFM: 65; Cord length: 32'; Power: 9 amps.

Manufacturer #SC3700A
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NSS® Designer Dry Vac

The Designer Dry Vac is the answer for most dry vacuuming applications. It is light weight but powerful. 2-stage, non-bypass 120 v or 240v vacuum motor. CFM @ 1 1/2" orifice 72 cu. Ft.

Manufacturer #5705702
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ProTeam® AviationVac® Vacuum - w/106502 Aviation Kit

Designed exclusively for the transportation industry, the AviationVac utilizes the same 400 Hz power system used on transport vehicles without the need for bulky adaptors. The lightweight wand and ergonomic backplate provide a highly efficient tool for cleaning up in a hurry. Mid-size capacity is ideal for cleaning in and around crowded constraints on airplanes. Quick cleaning of aisles, seats and hard-to-reach areas eliminating bulky or non performing products. Advanced filtration system captures and contains microscopic dust preventing them from being reintroduced back into the environment. Four level filtration 676 sq in total area. Motor: 864W/7.2 amp/400 Hz. Airflow: 106 cfm; Static Lift: 82". Capacity: 6 Qt.; Decibel: 68 dBA.

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ProTeam® RunningVac® Canister w/107099 Attachment Kit C

Includes: A 1 1/2" x 78" static dissipating hose, 50' extension cord, and two intercept Micro® filters. Watts: 1188; Amps: 9.9A; Four level filtration: 1054 sq in. Airflow: 150 CFM; Weight: 12 lbs.; Decibels: 66 dB. Intercept Micro Filter: 698 sq in.

Manufacturer #107149
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Sanitaire® SC3683 Canister Vacuum

Compact, powerful and features telescopic metal wands to reach those difficult cleaning locations. Motor: 10 amp, 1200 watts, 135 CFM. 20 ft. power cord; 10" Cleaning path; 7' molded hose. Allergen disposable dust bag; Dust bag capacity: 2.6 dry qt.

Manufacturer #SC3683
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Sanitaire® SC3684 Commercial Canister Vac

This compact, full-powered canister cleaner is designed for performance and stability and features built-in cleaning attachment storage. 11" Height. 5.0 Motor p.h.p. 7 piece attachments.

Manufacturer #SC3684
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